About Elsewhere


Elsewhere is a fictional love hotel, a creative project that envisions imaginative intimate interiors to reflect the need for creative sexual environments. Constructed beyond the confines of rigid moralistic systems and societal decorum, Elsewhere aims to be a metaphorical space where one can embrace their sexuality as a natural and important aspect of life. When checking into Elsewhere, there is no judgement, only space for sexual creativity.

The spaces in Elsewhere represent a mixture of literary and internet research, personal vision, and information from a survey about sexual preferences and kinks of young adults in Singapore conducted in February 2020. Click on the button below to view the design process of Elsewhere.

More than a space.
It is a lifestyle.


We create enriching & beautiful sexual experiences


We embrace sexual desires & kinks frankly and with joy


We engage in respectful & consensual interactions


Nine spaces, nine frisky adventures to choose from.
Reserve a room today at reservations@es.com

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