Meet the Creator


"Exploring my own sex and sexuality opened my eyes to Singapore’s neglect in nurturing healthy mindsets and approaches to eroticism. Weak sex education sets the tone of Singapore’s sexuality — a conservative one that results in shame and taboo attached to sexuality. Shame was something I faced subconsciously when I started exploring my sexuality and I felt sad that I felt that way. I cannot undo what society has shaped me to be, but as a designer, I became interested in designing to promote healthy sexuality. Furthermore, the complex emotions and human behaviour associated with sexuality fascinates me and led to my love for erotic art (especially Shunga, a form of Japanese erotic art).

Elsewhere is a project that brought together my love for erotic art and my interest in creating imaginary worlds. It was a project inspired by a personal need that revealed a larger issue in Singapore’s sexual landscape. This was a challenging project as it was dependent on many other factors beyond my ability to tackle as a graphic designer. Even though FYP has ended, Elsewhere still has a lot of potential to grow. I am motivated and excited to see how this project and my interest in erotic art could grow and develop in the future."

Cheng Hui always looks like she's flying elsewhere but that is actually just her work bag. She is a creative based in Singapore who has experience in graphic design, editorial design, and illustration. To view more of her works click here.

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